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Valor Studios Engineers

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Ben Dial

Ben heads up the band program on Monday nights. You can catch him producing: Electronic/Rock/EDM/Pop/Easy listening/Folk/Blues/Gospel

I am a lover of all things art. My humble beginnings as a Seattle kid surrounded by instruments (courtesy of my Mom’s love for music and garage sales), I grew up making all kinds of noise. I am a billboard charting producer and mix engineer and bring the same drive for excellence on every project I work on. I am never satisfied with mediocrity and bring the same drive to each project I work on that I do to my own music.

Bringing over 10 years of professional studio experience, I currently own and operate a purpose-built studio (Myroom Records) in the beautiful countryside of Mill City. When I’m not working on my own rock music (Inseparable) or my electronic music (Render Farm), I am busy as a vocalist, producer, mastering engineer, and instrumentation artist for projects all over the world.

Valor studios is a unique opportunity for me because I have an opportunity to teach my craft to others and connect me with artists that would otherwise not be able to work with me at my remote studio.

 David Morse

David oversees the Sunday night production program. David’s musical interests are: Inspirational/Rock/Pop/Hip-Hop/Gospel

"My purpose in life is to advance the creative spirit by providing Professional Multi-Media Recording and by assisting in the development of musical skills. I use training opportunities to encourage a love of learning, therefore establishing a foundation for musicians,producers and videographers to launch their dreams and careers.  By creating this culture around artist in the community, with a professional working environment, I help to foster the creativity and knowledge of every artist and group.

 I believe that cultivating individual skills and talents, can and will, empower growth and success.  Whether just starting out for fun or taking your talents to the main stage, I am committed to your dreams in the world of digital media."



Eric Franklin

I developed an extreme passion for music at a young age.  From the beginning I remember wanting to be a singer, so I started to practice and sing often.  Of course, when I started, my voice hadn’t yet developed so I got told to shut up quite a bit. At times it got to the point that it would make me extremely sad, but my passion was too great to stop.  It forced me to work even harder.

Over the years, my passion for music grew greatly beyond just singing.  I started wanting to know and understand all things audio. In high school, I started going to a local studio after school and was allowed to sit in on sessions.  I was beyond amazed at the entire process and wanted to know and learn everything I could from start to finish. Over the last decade and a half, I’ve invested countless hours into pursuing this passion.  I find joy in being able to help in the music community. My goal is always for artists and clients to achieve their best possible creation.

Let me assist and push you in creating your absolute best work.  You owe it to yourself!


MikeyOnTheWay is the the lead engineer for the Thursday night Hip Hop program. What music does he enjoy? Hip Hop/Rap/R&B/Pop/Latin/Rock/Electronic/EDM

"Livin’ One Sec at a time, One Song At a Time".

Creating great projects from nothing is the best satisfaction in the Industry.

Come vibe with me!

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Paul Adarr


Local rock hero Paul Adarr has been recording local artists since the birth of the 21st century. In the early 2000's he was the bass player in the popular local rock band Lidix. He helped launch the Cherry House Studio, with his fellow band mate's and started the record label SCAB Records. His band got airplay on local radio stations and even started to become known internationally.

The band and label disbanded in 2007 and he found his way to college at the Art Institute of Portland, where he took a hiatus from recording. He never lost his love and passion for recording music and the brotherhood with artists. Paul also spent time as a local crew for big venue shows for many large artists traveling throughout the northwest such as, Foo Fighters, ZZ Top, Heart, Beck, Ice Cube and many more.

Watching over the shoulders of pro audio engineers and helping run sound was an amazing experience learning from pro audio engineers. Paul also enjoys passing on the knowledge he learned and teaches an audio recording class through the Community Education department of Chemeketa Community College. He welcomes the new experience at Valor Studio as another way to help local artist produce professional quality recordings.