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There is nothing like the sound of siblings singing together. Whether it’s the Beach Boys, the Everly Brothers or First Aid Kit, absorbing the same breathing rhythms and speech patterns adds an element to vocal harmonies that can be pure magic. With the August 26 release of ‘I’m Alone, No You’re Not’, the mesmerizing, hypnotic sound of the trio known as Joseph – sisters Allison, Meegan, and Natalie Closner – joins this elite company.

Choosing their name in deference to their grandfather Jo, and the tiny Oregon town of Joseph where he lived, Natalie Closner and her younger twin sisters Meegan and Allison, grew up in a musical household, but didn’t sing together until just a few years ago.  Joseph officially formed when Natalie, an aspiring performer looking for a creative jolt, asked her sisters to form a band together. They quickly discovered their gift for songwriting and vocal alchemy.

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Wild Ire

Busting out of Salem, comes an alternative rock band, that just won't stop, shifting and evolving into the best possible being it can be. With Jesse Palmer shredding on guitar, and Nick Turner blasting on the drums; they formed the band in the midst of 2014 and pushed and persevered until they found Jacob Mayes to vocally soar, and Taner Jones to Slap the bass. Since then, they've been played shows that span from the Triangle Inn in Salem, to Studio 7 in Seattle, and have more and more shows coming up! Recently they just released their debut Album, "Antisocial Butterfly" which is available on iTunes and Spotify.  From the ashes of the phoenix, comes Wild Ire!

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Lil Discount

Well, I’m just a kid from the Bay Area that has always grown up dreaming about creating music. I don’t belong to a certain genre, nor do I identify as just one specific type of artist. I simply do whatever it is I think sounds cool to me and don’t focus on fitting a certain standard for others. Music is therapeutic to me, and I enjoy the entire process including putting together sounds for an instrumental, carefully placing together lyrics that symbolically represent my ideas and emotions, and just having fun performing on stage. I’ve done shows all around the local area and actively post music on my SoundCloud and YouTube; I am also currently focusing on writing scripts and directing my own music videos and short films. I do love music, but I also simply love the process of creating and want to expand into all sorts of mediums in the pursuit of pushing my capabilities of creative and artistic expression

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Outspoken is Oregon State University's premiere male A Cappella ensemble. Oregon State University's Outspoken was founded in the fall of 2002 by Jason Taylor and David Emmert, two music majors at Oregon State University. The group was formed through by word of mouth recruitment, and then later by audition. Year by year Outspoken ranges between thirteen to fifteen members, allowing Outspoken to sing complex arrangements with up to fifteen different parts including soloist and vocal percussion. Outspoken has performed at multiple concerts with the OSU Music Department, as well as holding its own concerts and informal performances for various student groups and private organizations. Outspoken has become an active competitor in the ICCAs the last couple of years, and continuously strive to better themselves each year. As such, Outspoken has become known as one of the more well known groups in Oregon. Due to this success, the Music Department has allowed members the option of class credit, officially making Outspoken an affiliate of OSU and a recruiting power for the vocal music program.


Kent Wilson

Kent Wilson is an avid Musical Theater musician and performer, and is no stranger to stages of any kind. He's also enjoyed some experience as a studio musician and background vocalist. He is currently the Choir and Band director at Salem Academy in Salem, Oregon. He also maintains a voice and piano studio, teaching the next generation of great artists and performers.


Monica Pomares

Monica Pomares is a Cuban-American singer, born and raised in Miami, Florida. She has had the privilege of attending the prestigious New World School of the Arts (NWSA) High School and College for music.  Monica was a part of the non-profit 'Voices United', where she contributed her talents to create their 1997 musical 'Rea Life'. From 2001-2005 she sang with the Florida Grand Opera and also had the opportunity to do a high school tour in South Florida, in efforts to educate youth about opera. Over the years since, Monica has made several TV appearances, performing on televised competition shows, such as  WPLG Channel 10's 'Gimme the Mic' (2004) and AmericaTeve's 'Minuto de Fama' (2014). Monica has experience not only in opera, but also rock, gospel, pop, choir, and musical theater. Recently moving back to Salem, she plans to re-immerse herself in the local music scene and hopes to share her many years of performance knowledge, in various styles, with anyone willing to learn. 



A Family man first and foremost, Emcee/Host, looking to inspire the minds young and old from coast to coast even on Facebook from post to post. creating music and put on shows, lifting up the community to ensure that it grows.