7-UP's for Mentors: Read UP

7-UP's for Mentors: Read Up


Read-Up.  This “Up” is about your own personal development and continuous improvement as a mentor.  Are you getting better at mentoring? What are the keys to being a successful mentor? In a way, this is a process of mentoring yourself by searching out new ideas.  Some places to look for help include:

  • Books (for one example see “Mentoring 101” by John Maxwell).

  • Internet sources such as articles, blogs, videos and podcasts.  Check out this example by Andy Stanley: https://youtu.be/Q6YLbEYpVAo

  • Other guys.  I bet you know another mentor.  Why not meet for coffee and have a discussion about how you can sharpen each other as mentors?  If you would like BoV to help you connect with another mentor, just ask!

  • Join a Brothers of Valor event!

If you are like me, you have probably experienced some moments while you are mentoring that you are just stumped about how to respond to your mentee.  It could be about relationships or career or family or money or something else.

Until we invent telepathy, books are our best choice for understanding the rest of humanity.
— Christopher Paolini

Remember it’s okay to tell your mentee “I need to read up on that”. What a great way to lead by example!  If your mentee sees you as a continuous learner, he is likely to emulate that himself.


In the coming months and years, Brothers of Valor will be rolling out more training materials and opportunities.  It is our prayer that you will see value in continuously improving your mentoring abilities, because you are a precious and valuable resource to other men.  


Tom Greenwood
1-on-1 Mentoring Leader

Tim DavisComment