7-Up's for Mentors: Man UP

7-UP's for Mentors: Man Up



Now for the 5th segment of our "7-Up" series:  Man-up.  

Accountability and responsibility.  We all need a person in our lives that won’t accept our excuses.  We each need someone that respectfully looks us in the eye and says “don’t blame others”, or “take responsibility”, or “do the right thing”, or “you didn’t do what you said you would do.”.  These can be hard words to accept at first, but can often trigger a turning point in our lives.

 We all need a person in our lives that won’t accept our excuses.

As a mentor, you are called to help your mentee by “speaking the truth in love”. (Eph 4:15). Last month I wrote about “Level Up” in which your mentee establishes goals or new habits that will help them move their life closer to their big goal.  This is where your role as an accountability partner kicks in. Holding someone accountable is no simple task. Here are a few best-practices:

  • Be consistent to ask your mentee regularly about how they are keeping their commitments.

  • Be bold to ask very specific questions.

  • Give praise when they meet their commitments.

  • When they don’t meet their commitments, withhold criticism; instead just speak about the facts.

  • Don’t take their failure personally.  Instead always think about the best interest of your mentee.

  • Discuss ways to help them succeed next time.

  • Never reject your mentee for their failures, because thankfully Christ never rejects us for our failures.

When it comes to speaking the truth in love, some of us are better at speaking truth, and some are better at speaking lovingly.  So, knowing yourself, which area do you need to work on? If you need help speaking the truth, remember that it is truth that will set us free.  Even though it’s hard to speak truth, you will be liberating your mentee from believing lies. If you need help speaking in love, remember our speech is to be uplifting and encouraging to the hearer, and not borne out of frustration. (Eph 4;29).

Much more could be said about accountability.  If you are an experienced accountability partner, please reply with any other best practices to share with us all!

As always, thank you for your commitment to investing in the lives of men!


Tom Greenwood
1-on-1 Mentoring Leader

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