7-UP's for Mentors: Level UP

7-UP's for Mentors: Level Up


As you know, the purpose of this monthly note is to keep you informed about the Brothers of Valor 1-on-1 mentoring ministry and to encourage you in your mentoring work.  As always, "thank you!” for your commitment to investing in the lives of other men. Our mission is Inspire men to live Christ-centered lives so families, women and children thrive.  You have chosen to stand in the gap for another man, and that will have an eternal impact.

Sharpen Your Sword:  In our 7-Up series, we have so far covered "Show Up" then "Listen Up" and "Pray Up".­  Next is "Level Up".  

Level-Up.  Now you have a strong understanding of your mentee and have been praying for God’s insight about him.  It’s time to develop a short-term plan of action. How do you and he describe his current situation in life?  For instance, does he make bad decisions? Does he lack confidence? Does he need help with finding a job? Does he want to grow spiritually? 

 What is the best step in his life that would move him in a positive direction, up one level from where he now is?

Think about habits and goals that will help him break out of destructive behaviors and ways of thinking and help him launch into new and helpful ways of behaving and thinking. Often the next step will involve helping him develop new habits and break old habits.  The habits could include getting advice from God’s word and wise people before making decisions, or practicing daily learning from the Bible, or using his time better, or communicating better with people face-to-face, or learning how to manage his anger, etc. Once achieved, you can develop the next plan for the next level-up.

One side-note about habits.  It’s a fact of human nature that breaking old habits is hard.  The secret is to replace an old habit with a new habit. I know a guy that had a drug addiction.  He helped break his drug addiction by focusing his addictive behavior on memorizing scripture. His new habit helped break his old habit. Same applies to breaking a social media addiction or other destructive habits; find new habits that replace the old habit.

Next you need to discuss this plan of action and get buy-in from your mentee.  Better yet, develop the plan together so he has ownership. The plan could include a few new habits, but remember that one successful new habit is better than 2 failed new habits.  The plan should be challenging but not overwhelming.

You can probably see by now that Level-Up is all about leading him toward that “Abundant Life” that Christ came to give us.  “I have come that you might have life, and have life abundantly” John 10:10. The abundant life if first about salvation through Christ.  Then for believers, to fully enjoy the abundant life we need continual brain surgery to understand life the way God intends, and then do it.  “Do not be conformed to this world, but be transformed by the renewing of your mind, so that you may prove what the will of God is, that which is good and acceptable and perfect” Rom 12:2.

So, make a plan for the next level-up, one that is transformational and helps renew the mind. Next time I’ll discuss how to stick to the plan.


God bless you for your faithful service to Him,

Tom Greenwood
1-on-1 Mentoring Leader