7-UP's for Mentors: Pray Up

7-UP’s for Mentors: Pray Up


Hello Brothers,

The purpose of this monthly note is to keep you informed about the Brothers of Valor 1-on-1 mentoring ministry and to encourage you in your mentoring work.  As always, "thank you!” for your commitment to investing in the lives of other men.  Our mission is Inspire men to live Christ-centered lives so families, women and children thrive.  You have chosen to stand in the gap for another man, and that will have an eternal impact. 

Sharpen Your Sword:  In the two previous months we discussed "Show Up" then "Listen Up".  The third imperative is "Pray Up".

Pray-Up.  As mentors, we need to constantly keep our egos in check, and give first priority to Christ as the one-true-mentor, who’s character we seek to emulate.  Who knows your mentee the best? Christ does.  Who knows what your mentee needs most?  Christ does.  Who knows best how to help?  Christ does.  Your wisdom, knowledge and experience are all tools in the hands of the Master Mentor to help guide and coach your mentee. 

One way to keep Christ first in your mentoring is prayer.  The Bible says a lot about prayer, but here are three principles that will supercharge your effectiveness as a mentor:

1)    Pray anytime, anywhere and often.  “Pray without ceasing.” 1 Thes 5:17

2)    Pray for Gods will to be accomplished, not your own.  “Your kingdom come, your will be done..” Mat 6:10

3)    Guard your own life from unrighteousness.  “The effective prayer of a righteousness man accomplishes much”.  James 5:16

In my head, I understand how important prayer is, but so often it’s not my first response to a situation, and I easily forget to pray as a habit.  My wife on the other hand is a great prayer warrior and her prayer life motivates me.  So if you are like me and struggle to make prayer a habit, consider asking someone to pray about it on your behalf and spend time praying about your prayer life too.  He would love to help. 

Who knows what your mentee needs most?  Christ does.

Lastly, in addition to praying for your mentee, you can get to the point where you pray with your mentee.  Not all mentees are ready for this, but some are.  It’s best to ask their permission to pray together so that they don’t feel uncomfortable.  But if they are already at the stage where they want to pray, then make it a regular habit in your meeting time with them.  You may be the first praying man they have encountered in life. 

God bless you for your faithful service to Him,

Tom Greenwood
1-on-1 Mentoring Leader

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